How to Know If Your Hoverboard Is Safe?

Riding on a hover board can be much fun to you as a sports recreation enthusiast. These two wheeled scooters have become quite popular the recent past. However, safety concerns have also been raised especially concerning the fact that many hoverboards have been exploding and busting into flames. How do I know my hover board is really safe? Granted hoverboards are basically a new phenomenon in sports and recreation.

Having insights on the reasons behind the hoverboard menace goes a long way in alleviating your fears. Many of the issues to do with the safety of these two-wheeled self balancing scooters revolve around where they were built and how they were built. Remember that until very recently there was no standard that was followed for testing hoverboards. So what do you check for to ascertain the safety levels of your hoverboard?

Here is a page about the best available hoverboards on the market:

Hoverboards have been known to explode as they recharge, while in motion or even after an accident. The quality of the batteries in your hoverboard should be of prime concern to you. If your hoverboard uses lithium-ion batteries, it is high time you thought otherwise. These batteries have become very popular with some hoverboard manufacturers since they are much less expensive than high quality batteries. Their lower cost makes the cost of these scooters much more affordable to most people. However, in a cheaper battery there is the possibility having small holes in the separator that separates each anode and the cathode. These might be due to impurities in metallic particles which can puncture the separator causing a short circuit. In any case if there is a defect in the battery, be sure it will go off at some point anyway. Ensure your hoverboard is fitted with high quality batteries; avoid lithium-ion batteries at all costs.

The charger is another hoverboard component you should be keen about. If the charger is defective the batteries can be extremely overcharged, in this case it doesn’t matter the quality of the cells. This might not necessarily lead to an explosion but rather the cells can pop its gas vent and just dry off. Most hoverboards are known to us USB chargers but it is recommended that you use the charger that came with your hoverboard.

The wiring inside your hoverboard is another potential cause of disaster, some hoverboards have been found to have crimped and even exposed wiring from the point of manufacture. This is dangerous as it could some short circuit leading to an explosion. Some other boards have been identified as having wires that were merely spot soldered to the cells meaning some rough jiggling was enough to knock the wire off and course dangerous short circuits. Before you ride that hoverboard, give it a good shake to ensure there is no rattling from the inside.

In addition to these safety precautions always go for high quality hoverboards. Despite of their low prices, cheap hoverboards are prone to these failures due to cutting corners in the manufacturing process. Stick to top hoverboard brands irrespective of how much you are going to pay. It is the only sure way to know your hoverboard is safe.

3 Different Brand Hoverboards

Hoverboards have become immensely popular these days all over the world. The first time the term “hoverboard” was introduced or coined was in the classic and evergreen movie Back to the Future II. However, these hoverboards do not literally hover like Marty Mcfly in the movie but sounds way too cool to let go of that name.

Hoverboards are basically known as self balancing skateboards. This rising hot new trend is hard to resist with the demand increasing each day. It consists of two platforms for the person to stand on with a wheel on each side. The wheels rotate independently of each other. Hoverboards have a built in sensor which helps to maintain the balance and keep the rider upright whatsoever. They contain a few components such as a gyroscope for balancing, batteries for fuel and motors to keep the hoverboard in motion.

Hoverboards are so easy to ride. The rider has to stand on the pressure sensitive pads – one for each foot. To set the hoverboard in motion, all you need to do is lean forward to move ahead and lean backward to go backwards. When the rider needs to change directions, you can place one foot forward than the other which will cause that side of the wheel to move faster and hence, changes the direction.

There are different types of hoverboards that are available on the market. Basically, three types of hoverboards exist:

• Known as the Hendo Hoverboard, it was released in the year 2014.The Hendo board is made up of four electromagnets also known as hover engines which create a strong electromagnetic field to lift the user and levitate them. So this hoverboard definitely sticks to its name with the principle of levitation kept in mind. However it only hovers over a conducting surface for the electromagnetic fields to be produced but not over water.

Lexus Hoverboard was made by the company Lexus. This hoverboard works on the principle of magnetic field. It consists of a magnet placed in the ground and superconductor in the hoverboard. The superconductor when placed near the magnet, it creates the levitation effect. It is smaller in size as compared to the Hendo hoverboard and looks pretty similar to a skateboard. The only setback is that it can work only over areas where magnets are present. They also don’t work over water surfaces. The superconductors need to be kept cold continuously or else they do not function properly , failing in the levitation effect.

• The Omni hoverboard is a fan powered type of hoverboard. Canadian entrepreneur Philippe Maalouf is working on floating hoverboards. It travels a remarkable distance of almost 900 feet in the air. Out of all the different types of hoverboards, this one is the closest you can link to a hoverboard. It uses the principle of gravitational force. The rotors move in an upward direction when the props push the air present in a downward direction thus lifting the user above the ground. The flight time is only for a few minutes as it needs to be heavily charged.

What is Wind Engineering?

Wind engineering concentrates on impacts of wind on the buildings and its conceivable harm or issues to their tenants. From the purpose of basic engineering, it is occupied with solid winds, which might bring about uneasiness, and also compelling winds, for example, in a tornado, tropical storm or substantial tempest, which might bring about across the board devastation.

Wind engineering needs data from meteorology, liquid motion, mechanics, and various extraordinary engineering disciplines including streamlined features, and basic motion. The instruments might likewise incorporate air models, climatic limit layer, wind burrows and computational liquid elements models.

The learning of wind engineering is utilized to examine and outline all elevated structures, cable suspension scaffolds and cable stayed spans, telecom towers and power transmission towers and every single other kind of towers and smokestacks. The wind load is the overwhelming load in the examination of numerous tall buildings. So wind engineering is vital for the investigation and configuration of tall buildings. Once more, wind load is a prevailing load in the investigation and outline of all long-traverse cable bridges.

Wind engineering includes, among different subjects:
Wind sway on structures (buildings, towers, bridges).
Wind comfort close to buildings.
Effects of wind on the ventilation framework in a building.
Wind atmosphere for wind vitality.
Air contamination close to buildings.

Wind engineering might be considered by auxiliary specialists to be firmly identified with quake engineering and blast assurance. Engineers tend to utilize a wind pressure calculator | in order to calculate pressure of winds on building structures.

The appearance of skyscraper tower squares prompted concerns in regards to the wind aggravation brought on by these buildings to people on foot in their region. The outline of buildings must record for wind loads, and these are influenced by wind shear.Typically, buildings are intended to oppose a solid wind with a long return period, for example, 50 years or more. The configuration wind velocity is resolved from chronicled records utilizing compelling worth hypothesis to anticipate future amazing wind speeds.

Wind engineering inspects the accompanying:

1. Wind burrow testing, for example, wind miniaturized scale atmosphere concentrates on, passerby level wind situations, and wind-impelled cladding loads and auxiliary vibrations. Using CFD ability, wind engineering can research inward building streams and characteristic ventilation, fusing wind burrow results, so as to accomplish the best plan result for building advancement.

Wind turbines are influenced by wind shear. Vertical wind-speed profiles result in various wind speeds at the edges closest to the ground level contrasted with those at the highest point of sharp edge travel, and this thusly influences the turbine operation.The wind inclination can make an expansive twisting minute in the pole of a two bladed turbine when the cutting edges are vertical.The decreased wind slope over water implies shorter and less costly wind turbine towers can be utilized as a part of shallow oceans

2. Wind conditions for open well-being solace in outside zones
3. Design weight examination
4. Wind affected basic reaction
5. Pollutant scattering
6. Building interior streams and natural ventilation
7. Full scale building part assemblies, e.g. punctured plate, design features, and so forth.
8. Computational wind engineering
9. Wind driven downpour
10. Wind commotion

Philippe Maalouf’s Plans for REAL Hoverboards

In late January 2016, Philippe Maalouf, a Canadian entrepreneur, had something to say to hoverboard fans. He plans to make a hoverboard that, as he puts it, ‘actually hovers’. This piece of recent hoverboard news highlights the fact that most hoverboards are in fact unable to hover at all as they are on wheels. Pointing this out, Maalouf has announced his intention to give hoverboard lovers what they really want: a hoverboard that hovers in the air without wheels!

What will this new board be called?

Maalouf’s company is called Omni Hoverboards, and he and his team’s new creation will accordingly be called the ‘Omni Hoverboard’. Or, for short, you can simply refer to it as the ‘Omni’. It has already been tested above water, and in these contexts the test user has flown a few feet above the surface of a lake.

How will the Omni work?

When you flip over your Omni board, instead of the traditional two wheels, you will find an array of helicopter blades. These blades rotate into action and push you into the air, enabling you to truly hover.

Can we get one? How much?

The board is still at the planning stages at the moment, unfortunately. But, several details of the board are already being discussed. For instance, Maalouf has said that he will be using gasoline powered engines rather than battery powered ones because battery packs can be weighty and thus prevent you from enjoying that all important sensation of flying along effortlessly in the air. When it comes to pricing, though, we can reveal that Maalouf aims to sell each individual board for between $25, 000 and $50, 000 on the retail market.

The estimated release date for the Omni Hoverboard will likely be some time in 2017. So, not too long to wait.

What will the applications of this new board be?

Maalouf envisages his new hoverboard as having a wide range of potential applications, in military, civic, and leisure contexts. For instance, he has suggested in a recent interview that the Omni board could be used to inspect bridges over rivers (remember, it has been shown to work really well for hovering over water). In fact at Hoverboards Electric, they’re currently promoting the recent models:

But will it still be fun?

Of course! Leisure users can splash out on a hoverboard and enjoy the fun of hovering about the backyard, racing friends, or skimming over the surface of a lake. Maalouf has said that the sensation of hovering on his new hoverboard will differ from the sensation of hovering on traditional models in the following way: on previous hoverboards, users felt like they were hovering on something, flying about on their board. But, with the Omni board, you will feel like it is you yourself who is actually flying, Maalouf states.

Are there any similar companies to watch out for at the moment?

A similar company is Arca, which is traditionally an aerospace firm. They have also developed a hoverboard without wheels. Unlike the Omni board, this board from Arca flies using fans powered by electricity. Which one will be better? Well, that remains to be seen. The Arca board is certainly less expensive as it comes in at a mere $19, 000. However, you will need to charge it too: and the charger costs an additional $4, 500!

Saving Your Laptop Investment With Affordable Winnipeg PC Repair

With technology prices constantly dropping, you may find yourself tempted to upgrade that same old clunky laptop you’ve had since university or finally fix that cracked iPhone screen. While a $400-500 laptop at Best Buy can be tempting, if the reason you’re looking to upgrade is software or even cosmetic physical damage, we’d highly recommend looking into local Winnipeg PC repair services. In most cases with minimal investment you can remedy some of the most frustrating issues that most people buy new laptops for. We’ve listed some of the easiest issues a computer store can solve for you and the approximate cost.

Laptop Screen Repair – $130 to $150

Much like your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, if you drop your laptop or it slips out of your bag the screen WILL crack. Luckily, most consumer grade laptops use similar screens and this can be fixed pretty quick and within a reasonable cost range. Make sure whoever you take your laptop to has a good warranty so if there is any problem when you leave, you’re covered.

Creaky or Broken Hinges – $100

Another issue you will likely experience if you drop your laptop or you’re clumsy is the hinges between your screen and the keyboard/logic board may become broken or dislodged. Many laptop manufacturers will have warranties that will not support fixing this type of issue, but luckily getting new OEM replacement hinges is an easy task for local Winnipeg laptop repair providers. Since there are so many different models of laptops out there on the market, you should definitely call to confirm they have your specific models part in stock.

Laptop Keyboard Replacement – $150

You’ve been banging away on that keyboard for years now, and we all know how greasy and dirty it can get let alone if anything catastrophic happens like a spilled drink. This is of course no reason to toss out your entire laptop as replacing a keyboard and even individual keys can be accomplished in as little as a few hours by an experienced laptop repair technician. Even if you’ve lost one stubborn key, you can order them online and find instructions online on how to do it yourself.

There are tons of local PC repair options in Winnipeg and while it may seem like a tough task you can actually remedy many of the above problems and save money on your next laptop. If you’re looking for a ballpark cost, we’d recommend checking out as they have updated pricing on most laptop and PC repairs.

IT Services in Chicago

Chicago Business Services insist on three key terms that is crucial to any office environment. They are basically reliability, trust and security. SolveMyPC encompasses adequate tools to support your needs and office wants in general. This does not depend on the size of clients received, every office whether small or big gets standard quality support SolveMyPC that is known for. Some points should be checked on how they are controlled and function in an organization so that quality is realized from the entire varied department. These include the following:

Expert computer support system

Technology applied in your business has an impact to every employee down the line. Both established and upcoming businesses should consider SolveMyPC for solving all needs that arise in the whole process of operation within your organization. Varied services offered by Chicago IT managers as well as overall Chicago Business Service will help you to run your business at an affordable cost in an effective and efficient manner.

Office assessment

Planning on how to run your business can help to indicate in advance the type of technology that suits your business operations. SolveMyPC can access your location and determine type of technology that will be appropriate for your business or modifying the existing system to meet the desired needs and objectives. Giving expertise time will optimize office environment and identify technology that will do better for your business without strain. SolveMyPC deals with this effectively checking on cost, productivity and mind expansion.

Managed IT Services

SolveMyPC do offer complete managed services Chicago. Installation, tracking, maintenance as well as upgrading your entire network can be done easily by our experts without requiring you to higher IT staff. Our service deals with full IT network that servers, computers, phone system, email, help desk as well as internet in your organization. SolveMyPC will also guarantee remote support and your phone control as our experts are available any moment need arises

Computer support services

SolveMyPC can program your computers to function well within your network. Updates backup as well as routine maintenance and diagnostics can be done to keep your computers in functional condition. You can also be guide on which types of computers to choose so that they work better with you.

Mac support

You do not need to panic when you need assistance on your Mac computers as all servicing both for software and hardware is guaranteed. Your apple devices can also be repaired and synchronized to keep data.

Network Support

Almost all business relies on network to run and check on controls easily. SolveMyPC has a tool to keep your network in operation. Remote controls from far distance can keep an eye on your network and fix defects before they occur. SolveMyPC can also aid to repair and increase your computer capacity. Let it design proper and reliable network to enable functioning of the organization.

  • SolveMyPC can design a network design map which put the following into consideration
  1. Asses the existing environment
  2. Listen and talk about needs and wants as well as business growth
  3. Design network plan checking on cost effective and online shopping
  4. Implement and test your network.

SolveMyPC through the Chicago IT manage business also provides server support, software support, email support, start up support as well as recovery of data support. Facility surveillance through CCTV s an also IT training is offered to those who are ready to meet the set affordable prices.

Find more SolveMyPC services.


4939 Brummel St

Phone: 888-300-9985

Keeping Personal Information Secure Online

Know who you share your info with. Establishment as well as dispose of your individual details securely.

  • Be Alert to Impersonators

See to it you understand which is obtaining your personal or monetary information. Don’t hand out individual details on the phone, through the mail or over the Web unless you’ve started the call or understand who you’re managing. If a company that declares to have an account with you sends email asking for individual details, do not select links in the email. As an alternative, kind the company name into your internet internet browser, go to their website, and contact them with customer care. Or, call the customer service number provided on your account statement. Ask whether the company truly sent out a request.

  • Securely Dispose of Personal Info

Before you dispose of a computer system, eliminate all the personal details it stores. Utilize a wipe utility program to overwrite the entire difficult drive.

Before you mess with a mobile tool, inspect your owner’s manual, the company’s web site, or the device producer’s website for info on how you can remove information permanently, as well as the best ways to conserve or move details to a brand-new item. Remove the memory or customer identification module (SIM) card from a cell phone. Eliminate the telephone directory, listings of phone calls made as well as gotten, voicemails, messages sent as well as received, coordinator folders, internet search history, and photos.

  • Encrypt Your Data

Ensure your browser is secure. To guard your on-line transactions, use file encryption software program that scrambles information you send out over the net. A “lock” icon on the status bar of your web web browser suggests your information will certainly be safe when it’s sent. Search for the lock before you send out personal or economic information online.

  • Keep Passwords Private

Usage solid passwords with your laptop computer, credit history, financial institution, as well as various other accounts. Be creative: consider an unique expression and utilize the initial letter of each word as your password. Replacement numbers for some words or letters. For instance, “I want to see the Pacific Ocean” could possibly end up being 1W2CtPo.

  • Don’t Overshare on Social Networking Sites

If you post way too much details regarding yourself, an identification thief can find details concerning your life, use it to address ‘obstacle’ questions on your accounts, as well as acquire access to your money and also individual information. Consider limiting accessibility to your networking web page to a little group of people. Never ever publish your full name, Social Safety number, address, telephone number, or account numbers in openly obtainable sites.

Make Your Tech Gadgets Secure

  • Use Safety Software program

Mount anti-virus software application, anti-spyware software program, as well as a firewall. Establish your inclination to upgrade these protections typically. Secure against breaches and also infections that could compromise your computer system documents or passwords by mounting safety patches for your os as well as various other software application programs.

  • Stay clear of Phishing Emails

Do not open documents, click web links, or download programs sent by strangers. Opening a file from somebody you do not recognize could possibly subject your system to a virus or spyware that captures your passwords or various other info you type.

  • Be Wise Regarding Wi-Fi

Before you send out individual details over your laptop computer or mobile phone on a public cordless network in a coffeehouse, library, flight terminal, resort, or various other public area, view if your details will certainly be protected. If you make use of an encrypted internet site, it protects simply the info you send out to as well as from that website. If you use a safe wireless network, all the information you send on that network is safeguarded.

  • Secure Your Laptop


Keep financial details on your laptop computer simply when necessary. Do not utilize an automatic login function that saves your customer name and also password, and always log off when you’re finished. In this way, if your laptop computer is taken, it will certainly be harder for a burglar to obtain at your individual details.

  • Review Privacy Policies


Yes, they can be lengthy and also intricate, however they inform you just how the site maintains accuracy, accessibility, safety and security, as well as control of the individual information it accumulates; how it utilizes the info, as well as whether it provides info to third celebrations. If you don’t see or understand a site’s personal privacy policy, take into consideration doing business elsewhere.

10 Things Every Computer User Should Know

No matter how tech savvy you are, there are certain things each people needs to handle when utilizing a computer system– and we do not constantly deal with them in the most efficient methods. Here are 10 things that everybody can (and should) learn to keep their computer system quick, safe, and easy to use.


Here at NTHelp, we take a great deal of the easier stuff for given: the best ways to prevent viruses, utilize keyboard shortcuts, and even just keep your data supported. Even if you have actually mastered all these tricks (and there’s a great chance you haven’t), you might wish to send this along to some of your less computer-savvy pals. After all, the more they understand the best ways to do, the less they’ll call you for help.


  1. Set Up a Basic Backup System



All of us understand we must support our computer systems, however it’s always one of those things that you’ll set up “one day”. Establishing a backup just takes minutes to do, though, so you can do it today and forget about it up until you need it– and when you do require it, you’ll be happy you set it up. If you’re simply supporting to an external drive, you can just utilize the simple tools integrateded to your computer system, like Windows Backup or Apple’s Time Machine. Nevertheless, that’ll only keep you safe if your computer fails. If you lose your home in a fire, get all your equipment taken, or experience any other type of disaster (God forbid), you’ll have lost all those vital files, family pictures, and other files forever. So, we advise using a service like CrashPlan to support your computer online. That method, it can back up no matter where you are, and that data will be safe no matter what takes place to your hardware.


  1. Do Everything Faster with Shortcuts



The terrific thing about computer systems is that they can do a lot of things much faster than a human. Say you’re searching for a particular word on a websites. Instead of scanning it yourself, all you have to do is press Ctrl+F and type the word you’re searching for. There are mountains of shortcut like this, from pushing Ctrl+S to instantly conserve the file you’re dealing with, Ctrl+P to print it out, or Ctrl+T to open a brand-new tab in your internet browser. It may look like more difficulty than it’s worth initially, but after you use a faster way a couple of times, you’ll question why you ever did anything with the mouse.


  1. Secure Yourself From Viruses



Windows users have long known the discomfort of viruses and other malware, but the excellent news is it’s quite simple to prevent. First, we recommend finding out the difference between viruses, trojans, and other type of attacks, as well as the misconceptions surrounding them. Then, install some good anti-virus software application to secure yourself (Avast is our present favorite). You can even get antivirus for your Android phone, if you so pick. However in the end, the best way to prevent viruses is to make use of common sense: do not open links that look suspicious, do not set up programs from untrusted sources, and if a window turns up saying your computer system’s infected, make certain it’s really your antivirus software application stating that and not a phony internet page.


  1. Set Up Your Network (and Fix Wi-Fi Problems)



Comprehending routers, modems, and the other things that comprise your network can appear daunting, however there are a couple of basics that can take care of most problems that come your way. Does your router continuously require resetting? Make sure it isn’t overheating or obstructed with traffic. Is your Wi-Fi speed and wide range less than perfect? Make use of among these tricks to provide it a boost. If you experience more serious issues, you can probably repair them yourself too.


  1. Keep Your Batteries Lasting as Long as Possible



Losing battery on your phone or laptop can be pretty discouraging, but thankfully, you can do a great deal of things to keep it lasting longer. Your laptop computer has a great deal of integrated power settings that can be available in actually useful, and there are a couple of tricks on both Android and the iPhone that will certainly eke some additional time out of your battery. And, if you desire your battery to retain that life, make sure you understand how often to charge it to keep it alive in the years ahead.


  1. Gain access to Your Personal computer From Anywhere


Ever go out with your laptop computer and recognize you left something vital on your computer system in your home? One way to fix this problem is to use a service like Dropbox, so your files are with you everywhere you go. Nevertheless, it’s likewise convenient to understand how to utilize your house computer from anywhere. With a basic app, you can log into your personal computer from another device and use it as if you were sitting right at your desk– whether you simply have to grab a quick file or gain access to a program you do not have elsewhere.

  1. Keep Your Computer in Top Shape with Routine Upkeep


Computer system upkeep has actually gotten actually confusing over the years. In between defragging, tidying up momentary files, and other jobs, it’s practically like trying to keep a vehicle. Thankfully, it’s gotten a lot much easier recently: you just really have to do one or two things to keep your computer running quickly and smooth.

  1. Instantly Share a File Between Two Computer systems

So you have actually got some files you wish to provide to your good friend sitting alongside you, but your flash drive has actually mysteriously gone missing. Well guess what? You do not need it! It’s extremely simple to transfer a file in between 2 computer systems over your wireless (or wired) network, whether it’s in between you and a pal or in between numerous computers you possess. Naturally, this is where the previously mentioned Dropbox app can be found helpful, too. And if you’re sharing bigger files over the internet, there are great ways to do that too.

  1. Quickly Find Your Lost or Stolen Gadgets


You never ever know when you may misplace your phone, laptop, or other tech, so established some safeguards now. iPhones have a user friendly feature called Discover My iPhone that’ll help you track it if it goes missing out on, but we’re big fans of an app called Victim. With it, you can track almost any laptop computer or smartphone that’s gone missing, as well as get a picture of who might be using it. If you’re missing a camera, the CameraTrace service can help you discover it, too. Naturally, the best option is ensuring it doesn’t get taken in the first location, and making sure all your personal data is locked down. Which brings us to our last pointer…

  1. Keep Your Personal Info Safe and Secure


Unfortunately, the internet isn’t constantly a safe place, meanings that all needs to ensure they’re keeping their individual details safe. Make certain you make use of strong passwords, get rid of individual info from pictures and other files, and never ever utilize open public Wi-Fi networks without defense.