How to Know If Your Hoverboard Is Safe?

Riding on a hover board can be much fun to you as a sports recreation enthusiast. These two wheeled scooters have become quite popular the recent past. However, safety concerns have also been raised especially concerning the fact that many hoverboards have been exploding and busting into flames. How do I know my hover board is really safe? Granted hoverboards are basically a new phenomenon in sports and recreation.

Having insights on the reasons behind the hoverboard menace goes a long way in alleviating your fears. Many of the issues to do with the safety of these two-wheeled self balancing scooters revolve around where they were built and how they were built. Remember that until very recently there was no standard that was followed for testing hoverboards. So what do you check for to ascertain the safety levels of your hoverboard?

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Hoverboards have been known to explode as they recharge, while in motion or even after an accident. The quality of the batteries in your hoverboard should be of prime concern to you. If your hoverboard uses lithium-ion batteries, it is high time you thought otherwise. These batteries have become very popular with some hoverboard manufacturers since they are much less expensive than high quality batteries. Their lower cost makes the cost of these scooters much more affordable to most people. However, in a cheaper battery there is the possibility having small holes in the separator that separates each anode and the cathode. These might be due to impurities in metallic particles which can puncture the separator causing a short circuit. In any case if there is a defect in the battery, be sure it will go off at some point anyway. Ensure your hoverboard is fitted with high quality batteries; avoid lithium-ion batteries at all costs.

The charger is another hoverboard component you should be keen about. If the charger is defective the batteries can be extremely overcharged, in this case it doesn’t matter the quality of the cells. This might not necessarily lead to an explosion but rather the cells can pop its gas vent and just dry off. Most hoverboards are known to us USB chargers but it is recommended that you use the charger that came with your hoverboard.

The wiring inside your hoverboard is another potential cause of disaster, some hoverboards have been found to have crimped and even exposed wiring from the point of manufacture. This is dangerous as it could some short circuit leading to an explosion. Some other boards have been identified as having wires that were merely spot soldered to the cells meaning some rough jiggling was enough to knock the wire off and course dangerous short circuits. Before you ride that hoverboard, give it a good shake to ensure there is no rattling from the inside.

In addition to these safety precautions always go for high quality hoverboards. Despite of their low prices, cheap hoverboards are prone to these failures due to cutting corners in the manufacturing process. Stick to top hoverboard brands irrespective of how much you are going to pay. It is the only sure way to know your hoverboard is safe.

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